OMG OPriincess OFA 15 weeks
OMG OPrincess Of First Avenue
This girl is very special and we are so happy and thankful to Regine Vandamme who trusts us with this girl.
Her mother, Genuine of First Avenue is an eight year old, very healthy and beautiful bitch that we have followed since we saw her becoming Junior World Winner in Stockholm 2008 under Jurgen Rösner!
Her father is a nine year old male that is bred by Pernille Monberg and she has also come far with her breeding and focuses on long lived lines.

Genuine is the grandmother of our latest litter from our beautiful Corona and the father is a most gentle male that we have followed since he was a puppy. He is the son of Quincy of Kilmara that I believe needs no presentation!

Genuine is the daughter of Embassador of First Avenue and he was 10 years in May. His brother Eraser Of First Avenue is also alive and well, living with Gary.

So our Princess is one girl in a litter of six puppies.
Princess is a very determened sweet girl that is the aunt of our Kenja, 11 months old.


~ by Wolfhenge C- litter on July 29, 2015.

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