SEUCh Kråksångens Ljod “Loka”

SEUCh Kråksångens Ljod

Our beloved and beautiful Loka has left us!
She was the start of our breeding and she was in type and temperament the perfect wolfhound!
Her mother Humla lived to 10 years old.
She won 3 Specilty shows and also 3 times best progeny group with offspring of her C-litter!
We miss you and we will love you forever, Loka<3

Love Sofie & Jonas

Loka is the mother of our first litter, C-litter.
She has won 3 Specialty shows. 

Loka 5 1/2 years

Pedigree of Kråksångens Ljod
Foresight Lizton

NUCH SEUCH SV-01 Westmount Zaxen Borka Bokra Solstice
Westmount Hermione Ii

Foresight IncaSEUCH
Furlongs Shane At Westmount
Foresight EffieKråksångens Humla
Knallåsen’s HumulusSEUCH
Wolfhounse MetaphorEithne of Nutstown
Kråksången’s MeallaKnighthood MajorSEUCH
Kråksångens Fabiola Wr


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